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Mini Power Center

Product Overview & Application


Mini Power Centers combine three individual components, prewired into one NEMA 3R enclosure: a primary main breaker, a single-phase or three-phase dry-type encapsulated transformer (Type EP), and a secondary distribution load center with main breaker. Inter-connecting wiring is completed at the factory. Mini Power Centers are used wherever there is a 480V or 600V distribution system and loads requiring 208Y/120V, three-phase or 120/240V single-phase.

Product Specification

Capacity  5 to 30kVA Single Phase, 9 to 45kVA Three Phase
Voltage Class  600V Max
Secondary Voltage  240/120V Single Phase, 208Y120V Three Phase
Cooling  Self Cooled (ANC)
Frequency  60Hz (50/60Hz Optional)
Conductors  Copper (Cu) Windings
Insulation System  200°C (130°C rise) (Optional 115°C & 80°C Rise Available)
Impregnation  N/A (Core & Coil Are Encapsulated In a Block of Polyeurethane and Silica Sand)
Primary Taps  Typically +/-2 x 2.5% Taps (Refer to Catalog)
Sound Level  Meets NEMA ST-20
Enclosure Type    Type 3R Indoor/Outdoor
Enclosure Finish  ANSI 61 Grey
Mounting  Wall Mountable
Primary Breaker  14kAIC rated moulded case circuit breaker (EATON)
Loadcenter  Aluminum Bus Load Center, Suitable For EATON Type BR Push-On Branch Breakers (Optional Copper Bus Load Center, Suitable For EATON Type BAB Bolt-On Branch Breakers)
Warranty  12 Months (See Warranty and Limitations)
Quality System  ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System
  • CSA Certified
  • UL Listed (Push on branch breaker loadcenters only)
Optional Features & Accessories
  • 50/60 Hz Frequency
  • Electrostatic Shield Installed Between Primary and Secondary
  • 80C or 115C Temperature Rise Transformer
  • Copper Bus Load Center
  • Bolt-On Breaker Load Center
  • Branch Breakers Supplied (Per Request)
  • Type 4 or 4X (304 Stainless Steel) Enclosure
  • Eaton FD, HFD, and FDC Primary Main breaker With 18kA, 25kA, and 35 kA Interrupting Capacity.
  • Secondary Main Breaker with Higher Than Standard Interrupting Rating
  • Custom Specified Paint Color