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Industrial Control Transformer

Product Overview & Application

ControlTransformerWebIndustrial control transformers are used to convert the available supply voltage to the voltage that is required to supply industrial control circuits and motor control loads.

These loads consist of a combination of electromagnetic devices such as solenoid operated valves, switches, bells, alarms, and other components such as indicator lights, timers, electronic equipment, and logic boards.

Some components of a circuit, especially electromagnetic devices require a very high level of power at start-up.  This start-up power requirement is called inrush VA. After their initial start-up, these components settle down to a lower power requirement for normal continuous operation. This lower operating power requirement is called Sealed or Steady State VA. Some devices can draw up to 10 times the normal operating or sealed current for periods of up to 50 milliseconds upon start up.

Control transformers must be designed, constructed, and selected to ensure that they provide the output voltage stability needed for trouble free operation of all circuit components.

Rex control transformers incorporate several features to optimize output voltage stability and regulation when supplying industrial control circuits with high inrush current requirements.

Product Specification

Capacity  25 to 7,500 VA Single Phase
Voltage Class
  • 750V Max (CSA)
  • 600V Max (UL)
Cooling  Self Cooled (ANN)
Frequency  60Hz (50/60Hz Optional)
Conductors  Copper (Cu) Windings
Insulation System
  • 25 - 500 VA Class 130 °C (80 °C temp Rise Max)
  • 501 - 7,500 VA Class 180 °C (115 °C temp Rise Max)
Sound Level  Below 40dBA
Enclosure Type            Open or Type 1 Enclosed
Warranty  12 Months (See Warranty and Limitations)
Quality System  ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System
  • CSA Certified
  • UL Listed
Reference Standards
  • CSA C22.2 No 66
  • ANSI/UL 506
  • NEMA ST-1
Optional Features & Accessories
  • Suitable For 50Hz Nominal Frequency
  • Primary and/or Seconday Fuse kits
  • Touch Safe Terminal Covers
  • Electrostatic Sheild Installed Between Primary and Secondary Windings
  • Epoxy Potted Coils For Harsh Environments
  • Designed For CE Compliance.


pdf Control Transformer Catalog (English)
pdf Open Control Transformer Dims Table (English)
pdf Enclosed Control Transformer Dims Table (English)
pdf Primary Fusing Kits (English)
pdf Secondary Fusing Kits (English)
pdf Maintenance, Operating & Installation Manual (English)
pdf Three Phase Electrical Schematic Diagrams
pdf Single Phase Electrical Schematic Diagrams