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Custom Power Transformers

Besides our custom transformer offerings, Rex Power Magnetics is also structured and prepared to work with our customers on very unique and specialized projects. Our engineering team's focus on continual research and product development means we have the resources to offer unique and practical solutions to a wide variety of needs, in industries ranging from aerospace to medical test equipment.

The following is a list of magnetic devices built for specialized customer requirements in recent years:

  • Variable-output high-current test set for testing circuit breakers
  • High Capacity Neutral-Grounding Zig-Zag transformer
  • Heavy clamped and reinforced cores for Inductive heating
  • Transformer mated to an automatic drive-controlled vacuum-tap changer
  • Magnetics built for integration with UPS and voltage regulation system
  • Ultra low-profile mining transformers
  • Multiple reactance iron-core reactor
  • Current limiting air core reactors


 OLTC-22  TriplexCast2
 StainlessSteelType3R  TriplexCast3
SkidBasePowerTransformer2 OLTC-1