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Freight Responsibility


All shipments made by Rex Power Magneticss are FOB Factory or Ex-Works Factory unless otherwise agreed to in writing. This means that the buyer assumes responsibility for arrival of the shipment at the destination without damage and complete per the packing slip.


Upon arrival at the destination the consignee is to inspect the material for any damages and that the shipment is complete according to the packing slip.

Any and all damages or shortages must be written on the Bill of Lading. Should it be determined that any items are missing or damaged, the item, the discrepancy and the condition must be noted on the bill of lading before it is signed.

If there is the slightest doubt that the material is damaged the packaging must be opened to inspect for concealed damage and the damage is to be noted on the bill of lading.

If damage or shortage is apparent it is the responsibility of the consignee to contact the freight company to initiate a claim. Also contact Rex Power Magnetics to report the problems and to receive a return authorization number.

Damage or Shortage not noted

If any damage or shortage is not noted on the bill of lading the liability to prove that the delivering carrier caused the damage becomes the responsibility of the consignee.


The consignee’s signature on the delivering carriers Bill Of Lading constitutes acceptance of the material as is and in good order. If an inspection is not done before signing, the consignee is in essence waiving the right to collect on a damage claim.

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