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REX Cast Coil Transformers now UL Marked

Rex Power Magnetics successfully completed the 2 year long life cycle testing of its insulation system for Cast Coil transformers and received a UL Certificate of Compliance per to UL1562 and IEEE Std. C57.12.01-2005 standards and can now display the UL mark.

Certificate number: 20140806-E199463
Report Reference: E122463-19990527

Cast Coil Transformers
up to 10MVA and 34.5kV. 180 °C insulation class.

Rex Power Magnetics has produced CSA approved Cast Coil transformers since 1997 with numerous installations successfully commissioned across North America and around the world.

The addition of the UL Mark along the CSA mark is a testament to the enviable track record of Quality, capsule performance and reliability of REX Cast Coil transformers.