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Rex Completes first phase of Operational Scale Up

With Government of Canada support, through the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario (FedDev Ontario)Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario (FedDev Ontario), Rex Power Magnetics has reached its first major milestone in its planned Operational Scale-Up. In 2022, Rex decided to endeavor to significantly expand its manufacturing capacity by investing in additional factory space and innovative productive technologies. As of August 29, Rex’s new “Leading Road” factory in Etobicoke, Ontario, received CSA and UL approval for manufacture of Dry Type Transformers. As of September 4, Rex considers this factory to be online and operational, producing transformers at an initial pace of 20 units per day.

This 50,000 ft2 facility is dedicated to producing standard transformers. The machinery, tooling, and material flow is designed for efficient and streamlined production of large runs of such transformers. This will permit Rex to have most standard transformer models in stock and ready to ship, while reining in the problematically long lead times that are prevalent in the transformer market of late.

Announced September 15, at our Concord facility, by Francesco Sorbara, member of Parliament for Vaughan—Woodbridge, on behalf of the Honourable Filomena Tassi, Minister responsible for the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario, FedDev Ontario’s investment of nearly $4 million will help the Leading Road factory bring more facility services and equipment online in the weeks ahead, broadening the range of transformers that could be manufactured there. As more personnel are trained, Rex expects daily output to reach 50 transformers. However, this will still be only the beginning.

FedDev Ontario’s investment will facilitate the next phase of this Scale Up, which involves the implementation of more advanced innovative manufacturing systems at Rex’s primary factory at “Basaltic Road,” located in Concord, Ontario. With the nearby Leading Road operation producing standard transformers, our larger Basaltic Road factory will be retooled to permit greater capacity, operational control, and responsiveness for special-specification transformers, as well as Medium Voltage (MV) power transformers.

With this Scale-Up, Rex believes it is better positioned to support commercial and industrial growth throughout Canada, USA, and export markets. This will enable Rex to better support the North American transition to renewable power infrastructure. With Rex’s efforts to keep its expanded operations local and within the Greater Toronto Area, Rex will uphold its high standards for design integrity, quality manufacturing, and customer service. Rex continues to pursue a strategy of vertical integration and centralized control of its operations, taking full responsibility for product quality and integrity. At the same time, Rex remains committed to investing in the local economy, talent pool, and community.





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