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Dry Type Transformer Minimum Efficiency Rules (Canada)


  • Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) has announced that it will adopt a new set of minimum efficiency standards for Dry-Type Transformers that are sold in Canada.
  • This will have a significant impact for distributors and end users in all Canadian provinces besides Ontario; In Ontario, the Ministry of Energy had already adopted the higher efficiency levels as of 2018. Across the country, the new rule takes effect on May 1st, 2019.
  • The rule replaces the current minimum efficiency level, known as CSA C802.2-12. The new efficiency level will likely be commonly reffered to as NRCan 2019.
  • With this change, the Canadian (NRCan 2019) and US (DOE 2016) standards will be largely harmonized. Minor differences exist; Rex has another document available that offers an in-depth analysis.
  • With NRCan 2019, the increase in the required minimum efficiency level is significant, leading to downstream savings in electrical costs for the owner. The transformer’s energy losses are reduced by 29%-36%, depending on the kVA, which also translates into a positive environmental impact. The impact on up-front cost is also significant: up to 30% more expensive, depending on the kVA, and other selected features.

The official government notification of the upcoming change is published here:

Rex has been designing and producing CSA and UL approved transformers at the NRCan 2019 efficiency level, and higher, for over 5 years.


Compliant transformers are labelled under the “Green Line” Trademark

Changes for Transformer Markings & Dimensions

  • As part of the transition to NRCan 2019 efficiency levels, Rex will begin a transition in our standard enclosure designs. New standard enclsorue will be taller, but there will be no change to width or depth. Details will be provided soon.
  • As always, ethe efficiency level is indicated in the part numbering. NRVan 2019 transforemr will have part numbers ending with the suffix “/Z3” versus “/Z” for C802.2-12.

Upcoming Milestone Dates

  • The last date on which Rex Power Magnetics may manufacture a transformer for Canada at the old C802.2-12 level is April 30th, 2019.
  • For Low Voltage (Distribution) Transformers that are to be built to the outgoing C802.2-12 standard, Rex recommends release to manufacture by March 1st, 2019.
  • For new orders in March, Rex may be able to accept non NRCan 2019 transforemrs on a rush basis, depending on factory loading. Rex cannot store any transfomers for later delivery.
  • For Medium Voltage (Power Transformers) that are to be built to the outgoing C802.2-12 standard, Rex requires release to manufacture by February 8th 2019, with a scheduled ship date prior to May 1st.