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Upcoming Changes to enclosure sizes (2)

Important Upcoming Changes to standard enclosure sizes

Rex Power Magnetics is announcing a significant design change to its standard enclosures.

This change will affect all ventilated transformers 15 kVA and up.

The reason for the change stems from DOE 2016 and NRCAN 2019 efficiency changes; Rex’s designs have been improved and optimized to reduce the amount of valuable floorspace required for most commonly ordered ratings.

The new designs for each enclosure size have the same width and depth as the outgoing design, but the transformer height is increased (3” to 12” depending on the enclosure). Floor mounting dimensions are not affected. The new taller enclosures will permit many kVA ratings to drop down one size, meaning a smaller package overall versus prior to the change. Additionally, each kVA rating will have one corresponding enclosure, regardless of conductor type or temperature-rise level.

The switch-over date for the new enclosure size will be April 1st, 2019, meaning transformers shipping on that day or later may utilize the new sizes.

Rex will accomodate any requests for the old style to be retained when requested or specified by means of approval drawing process. Details and dates for the transition are below.

This bulletin contains a table that compares the old sizes with the new.

Milestone Dates

As of March 4th, 2019, Rex will circulate this bulletin to advise customers of the upcoming change. For new orders shipping beyond April 1st, customers should be aware that the new sizes will be used. For customers who are sensitive to the enclosure dimensions, requiring the old enclosure sizes to be retained, Rex’s Sales must be notified with sufficient advance notice prior to scheduled shipment. This can be done in two ways:

  1. Express written communication to our inside sales, who will note the requirement in the part number.
  2. Approval drawing process. As always, the approval drawing process assures compliance to drawing.

If you already have an order in our system, scheduled for shipment after April 1st, that may be affected by this dimension change, Rex may produce your transformer with the old enclosure size, or the new one. For customers who wish to specify the enclosure size, Rex’s Sales must be notified as with new orders.

The Rex Power Magnetics website makes available drawings for convenient reference to many of the most commonly ordered transformers. All of the drawings affected by this change will be updated over the course of the month, and it is anticipated that the transition will be complete before April 1st.